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Ordering NCEA Assessments

Steps to Using the NCEA Assessments

  1. Decide on your format.

    NCEA assessments are offered online or in a paper-and-pencil format. Both versions have their advantages. The online version provides feedback more quickly, but administrations need to be scheduled. The paper-and-pencil version can be administered at any time, but requires manual scoring from ETS, so feedback takes more time.

  2. Make sure you are ready.

    If you decide to offer the online version of the NCEA assessment programs, review the Minimum Technical Requirements to see if your devices are supported.

    You will either need the IFG: ACRE Installation Guide or the IFG Installation Guide and to download the software on each device before you can begin your program:

    If you decide to use the paper-and-pencil version, please be sure to order test booklets and answer sheets. Shipping and handling costs apply.

  3. Review the administrator guide before you begin your testing program.

    The administrator guides will provide you with clear information about testing procedures, scoring and interpreting the results of the assessments.

How to Order

There are two ways you can order NCEA assessments.


Schedule and order NCEA assessments through our online system. You can order both online and paper-and-pencil assessments this way.

Mail or Email

Fill out and return an order form by mail or email:

1202 East 23rd Street, Suite D
Lawrence, KS 66046

Other Resources

  • Diocese Codes List — Use these codes to complete the order form.
  • Diocesan Administrator Info — Provides sample scenarios for Diocesan involvement during the assessment process, along with the request form to receive Diocesan Summary reports after completion of assessment.
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Online Orders:

Mail or Email Orders: