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About NCEA Assessments

Since the late 1970s, NCEA has offered assessment instruments designed to strengthen catechetical/religious education programs. All levels of the program align to the six dimensions of catechesis outlined in the General Directory for Catechesis:

  • knowledge of the faith
  • prayer
  • liturgical life
  • communal life
  • moral formation
  • missionary spirit

Because the two assessments are aligned with each other, you may wish to encourage schools and parishes to use both of these tools in tandem. In that way, they will receive a more comprehensive picture of the overall catechetical efforts and progress in their diocese.


Both programs are available online and in a paper-and-pencil format. Regardless of format, each program can be administered to a group or an individual. Reports are emailed after payment is received. The online option does not require a printed answer sheet or booklet.


To assist diocesan offices as well as their local schools and parishes, NCEA continues to generate two types of group reports.

  • Group Score Report — This report provides an overview of the group's response to both the Cognitive and Affective assessment items. It is emailed to a principal, coordinator or Director of Religious education at a participating school, parish program, home-based catechetical program or catechumenate director.
  • Diocesan Report — This report summarizes participant results for diocesan leaders and must be requested.

IFG: ACRE Assessment Score Reports


The local site, parish or Catholic school will receive a confidential score report for each NCEA IFG: ACRE level used. Diocesan leaders may also request a Diocesan Report of all participating schools and parishes in the diocese or archdiocese. Each score report will include:

  • an item-by-item breakdown of the group responses
  • standards-based reports with national performance "cut scores"
  • a program assessment summary

All reports are sent via email, unless a user chooses to have the group report printed and mailed (at an additional cost).

IFG Survey Score Reports

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Participants will receive an individualized and confidential score report. The group coordinator (if applicable) will receive a group score report. All reports are sent via email.

The score reports provide:

  • a summary of a person's cognitive understanding of the six dimensions of adult faith and attitudes in these same areas
  • cross-references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to encourage further study and growth
  • group data that parishes, schools, diocesan offices and adult faith formation program leaders can use in planning ongoing faith formation initiatives

Diocese Reports

If a diocese wishes to receive a Diocesan Assessment Group Report for the current academic year, please complete a diocesan report request form and return it to ETS, NCEA's outsourcer for assessment scoring and reporting, within 30 days of the last test date in your diocese.

Local and diocesan leaders are free to share Group Reports with each other as well as with assessment participants, faculty, catechists and parent groups.

For further information about NCEA Assessments, go to or call 1-800-711-6232.

ETS is NCEA's outsourcer for order fulfillment, online test delivery, and scoring and reporting activities.

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